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The legislative tendencies initiated with the admission of Spain to the European Economic Community gave rise to new fields of practice that were difficult to classify into the traditional areas of law.

Thus, for instance, the enactment of new statutes like the Telecommunications Law, the General Publicity Law, Unfair Competition Law, Retailing Trade Law, Defective Products Law or General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users meant the development of a new branch of law that has been given the generic name of Consumption Law. In particular, this is a branch in which the Firm has been actively engaged since its foundation.

PROL & ASOCIADOS also provides advise on European Community Law in respect of those aspects that may affect companies, and with particular regard to those regulations that are directly applicable and do not need to be previously incorporated into domestic laws.

The firm has recently dealt with several cases related to the Internet market, and regularly advices companies and individuals on this field.

At a fiscal level our services are basically focused on the identification of the tax repercussions from those transactions that are submitted for our opinion, as well as on those specific questions linked with the operations in which our client are taking part.

Finally, PROL & ASOCADOS gives advice on the protection of industrial property rights such as trademarks, patents and commercial names, providing assistance from the administrative steps with the Registry to the steps taken in administrative, civil or criminal actions before the Courts.

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