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This department provides advice in the areas of Employment Law, Social Security and Health & Safety at Work, offering an integral service consisting in examining the legal alternatives and identifying the solutions as to the questions or issues companies or its officers may find in the way.

Within this field, PROL & ASOCIADOS' assistance to clients covers collective negotiations, personnel policies, identification of the solutions to legal issues related to pension funds schemes or the employment commitments companies have with their employees, as well as the protection both of employees and employers' legal interests within the scope of their employment relationship, and guidance as to the legal questions and steps to be taken in cases of international displacement of employees.

We also act on behalf of our clients before Employment and Social Security authorities in administrative proceedings such as Labour Force Adjustment Plans and re scheduling of the payment of contributions due to the Social Security.

The Department of Employment Law is also engaged in the legal representation of our clients in actions lodged with Industrial Courts and Tribunals of every rank, including the Supreme Court, as it may be required for the best protection of our clients' interests.

Likewise, the Employment team works closely with the Commercial team in the examination and verification of proper compliance with applicable regulations by our clients or third parties involved. This is done through pertinent audits and due diligences that are carried out in merger and acquisition processes or whenever the client may wish to know or check the extent to which they are complying with the law in force.

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