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As a firm committed to provide full assistance with respect to those issues that may affect its clients, PROL & ASOCIADOS is structured to ensure that their need for legal advice can be attended to in a practical and efficient manner. To achieve this goal the firm includes the following departments:

BANKING, FINANCE AND INSURANCE: : This department is responsible for providing legal advice on all types of banking and financial transactions, ranging from the simplest of credit transactions to the most complex financial structuring, whether the client is national or foreign, a bank or a financial institution or a company engaged in very different financial operations or in transactions typical of the securities market.

CORPORATE AND COMMERCIAL: This department advises business enterprises on their day-to-day transactions, as well as on those operations which may be said to be of an extraordinary nature, drafting the required documentation and working in close collaboration with the other departments of PROL & ASOCIADOS. Such is the common procedure used when assisting clients in mergers, acquisitions or restructuring processes or in their day-to-day routine.

As for the corporate aspect, PROL & ASOCIADOS involves itself deeply in the client's activity and even performs the functions of Secretary of the Board of Directors in many of its corporate clients. This ensures that the legal services required by the company and its management are provided comprehensively, rapidly and in a practical manner.

LITIGATION: Protecting the interests of our clients sometimes demands recourse to the Courts. Thus, PROL & ASOCIADOS is highly experienced in a great variety of legal actions before the various bodies of civil, employment, contentious-administrative and criminal jurisdictions (mainly related to financial and company offences), as well as in administrative proceedings and economic-administrative claims. Likewise, PROL & ASOCIADOS has an expertise both as advisor of either of the parties involved and as arbitrator in dispute resolution through domestic and international arbitration.

EMPLOYMENT: The firm provides legal advice on the employer-employee relationship, conducting those litigations arising out of disputes between the companies and their employees.

OTHER WORKING AREAS: the advice provided by PROL & ASOCIADOS covers also those other areas of law that are closely related to the main areas described above. Thus, notably Tax law, Community law, Industrial Property law and Competition law are equally dealt with in PROL & ASOCIADOS.

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