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PROL & ASOCIADOS is a Spanish mid-sized law firm, which since its foundation in 1987 has been devoted to offering a high quality service, taking a practical approach to the clients' problems that has permitted us to provide clients with a personal assistance.

Our commitment to the goals above entails that the members of the firm have a profound knowledge of the fields where clients operate their business activities, providing them with practical legal advice that will enable them to do their businesses with the utmost legal guarantees.

One of the guiding principles of the 'professional life' at PROL & ASOCIADOS is that of delivering work of a high level of quality. Therefore, that quality control is a matter of constant concern for the partners of the firm. The diverse range of clients with which PROL & ASOCIADOS works (from small and mid-sized companies to multi-nationals operating in different sectors) has given the members of the firm wide experience in the solution of a great variety of problems affecting companies, both in their day-to-day activities and in their extraordinary transactions.

Likewise, we have developed an extensive network of correspondents abroad that share the same work philosophy as PROL & ASOCIADOS. The excellence and variety of those correspondents -ranging from large firms to specialized boutiques- together with the fact that we have collaborated with each of them directly, permit us to identify their particular expertise and freely choose the individual or practice most suitable for the matter or issue involved who in our view will best assist our client in his particular problem.

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